"This is a must read for anyone looking to get into Scouting as a volunteer. Well done."

James Ketchell, serial adventurer, motivational speaker and Scouting ambassador.


"I don't think there's anything better you can do in the middle of your life than to pick it up

and shake it around a bit."

Chris Stewart, ex-Genesis band member and author of "Driving Over Lemons"


"The things that John gets up to soon made me realise that he wasn't whom I initially suspected - a head office stooge."

Deputy District Commissioner


"A great book. Honest and humourous insight into modern scouting"

Russell Zaple, District Executive Member


"...it's a very funny book". Gary Peppiatt, District Commissioner


“In You Go!” is, quite simply, the funniest book on scouting that I have ever read.”


“Don’t let your scouts near it, they may get ideas!”


"It's excellent...well done - it was hard to put down."


"I have just finished it...made me laugh out loud!"


"...really good & entertaining." County Training Adviser


"Hurt myself laughing!" Scout Leader


"Our Skip is the best Skip ever!"

"Pippa", 12


"As a former Cub Leader, I can honestly say I have not laughed so much in ages! This book is wonderful! All those memories of the highs and lows of Scouting and all the wonderful young people we have the pleasure of working with. I'll be recommending it to everyone in my district." Amazon review


"As a scout leader this is great, the sheer humour and audacity in the book is something that all leaders are aware of. What is mentioned in the book is the side of scouting many parents don't see (which is a shame) - if parents read this book I am sure the majority would sign up!" Amazon review


"Brought for my dc as a leaving present, great for anyone who likes a giggle, and really well written, would recommend as a great scouter gift." Amazon review


"Bought this as a present for my Grandmother, who was a cub scout leader many years ago, on the recommendation of friend. Both she & I enjoyed it immensely, a very true to life account of life in the movement, and one all Scouters past & present can relate to. A highly amusing read, recommended!"  Amazon review


"As a Scout Leader there are often times when you question why you do the role but if you ever needed a reminder or just inspirition as to why to get involved in Scouting then this book shines the light!. Should be on every bookcase next to Scouting for Boys."  Amazon review


"The book was a Christmas present to my husband but I got to it first and could not put it down. We are both in Scouting and can relate to all the situations and events that are in the book. Well worth the money, very funny and very entertaining. Looking forward to the next book."  Amazon review


"Having been involved in Scouting for the past 25 years nothing much surprises me! I found the book very amusing, it also provides a lot of insight into the way the Scout movement works with references to training programmes and structure, I would highly recommend it to anyone especially anyone thinking of becoming a leader."  Amazon review


"I have to say this is one of the funniest books I have ever read and yet it still provides an accurate account of the perils of being a scout leader! Having been in scouting 10 years I thought I had seen it all, but this still made me laugh almost constantly! Well worth the read!"  Amazon review


"Brought as a gift for my father, a scout leader for almost 48 years. He found it very enjoyable and could relate to many of the events in the book. Very amusing at times."  Amazon review


"My husband was delighted to receive John's book for Christmas and especially as it was signed personally by the author. It was recommend by and fellow scout leader and a brilliant insight the lighter side of the scouting fraternity." Amazon review


"I purchased this book as a present for my husband, he enjoys reading but doesn't read a great deal. However he has not put this book down and every spare moment has been used reading this book. He has absolutely loved it and often has to tell me the bit he is reading. I will be reading it after him as just the snippets he has told me have made me laugh."  Amazon review

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"Amazingly no Scout Leader has ever put pen to paper to record the hilarious goings-on at troop meetings, hikes, camps and outings, so I shook my life up..and wrote a book!"


So says the author (a local Scout Leader in Chislehurst) of ‘In You Go’ and the book he has written tells of the adventures and activities he and his young Scouts participated in, over a period of two years.  It gives an insight into the meetings and events undertaken by most Scout Groups.  It is written with humour and enthusiasm and with affection and understanding of the young boys and girls in his group.  I found it immensely readable, very informative and very funny.  For those who have been involved in Scouting, either as children or as leaders, it will bring back memories of activities shared, adventures experienced and the fun and friendship of a Scout Group.  For those who have never had any involvement in Scouting it demonstrates why, after being in existence for over 100 years, it is still as popular and dynamic today as ever and the aim is still to encourage young people in their physical and mental development.  It also demonstrates the dedication of the men and women who give up their time to help the teenagers achieve that aim.  


There are still very many misconceptions about Scouts and what they do.  They go camping in tents, yes.  They light fires and cook sausages, yes. They go on hikes, yes.   John Hemming-Clark’s Scouts do all these things but they do so much more...   In order to achieve badges, they have to organise and carry out a wide range of other tasks.  The book highlights how much leadership and organisation is required by both Leaders and Scouts in order to gain these badges.  


But through all these exciting projects there runs a stream of humour, of fun and laughter.  The young people are unconsciously funny and John has recorded some hilarious events and situations where, through innocence or ignorance, the situation has dissolved into laughter.  


This is a book which will raise your spirits, not simply because it is funny but it shows that the young people of today are just as adventurous and capable as ever.  Despite the X-boxes and computer society in which we live, Scouts are still in touch with the vision of Baden-Powell who realised that if you give young people the chance to be adventurous, they will grasp it and excel.


John’s writing style is racy and light; it makes the reader want to find out what happened next.  His energy and drive is apparent, his wish to provide an outdoor, exciting and adventurous life for his young Scouts jumps out of every page.  His description of the camps they went on, the challenges they overcame and the initiative that was often shown in carrying out many of the tasks is lively and entertaining; his telling of his adventure when he went on the Olympic White Water Rafting ride is thrilling and funny and had me on the edge of my seat.  Who could resist such an opportunity which is open to both Scouts and Leaders; what young person could resist such an experience!  


Read this book and it will lift your spirits and make you feel that if our future is in the hands of the Scout leaders and the young Scouts, then it looks bright.  


The book can be ordered from www.inyougo.webeden.co.uk

Local magazine review

"Scout volunteers get to help change young people's lives for the better through their dedication to adventure, values and community service. I so admire the spirit that scouting promotes - and volunteers such as John help make it all happen."

Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

"First we had James Herriot with his Vets, then it was Gervais Phinn with his Schoolchildren. Now we have John Hemming-Clark with his Scouts. Chislehurst must be a great place to be a kid right now!"


ABOUT In You Go! A year or Two in the Life of a Scout Leader


IN YOU GO! A year or two in the life of a scout leader is about the first couple of years that John Hemming-Clark recently spent as a scout leader in Chislehurst, Kent at a time of life when some are maybe starting to think about putting their feet up.


His trials and tribulations as he seeks to learn the ropes with only the essential training to help him, that and his life experiences, are written about in hilarious detail.


Troop meetings, hikes, camps, excursions, his relationship with beavers, cubs and explorers as well as girl guides, leaders, trainers and managers are all included.


Read about

-how John became a leader after having been sacked as a scout committee chairman

-his first troop meeting with just one scout, until three girls turned up

-a camping training weekend when John's past finally caught up with him

-the infamous hammock camp when a tsunami appeared out of nowhere

-the summer camp when a girl guide welly stick was liberated for the day, only to find out that it wasn't actually what the scouts thought it was

-a trip to Bewl Water reservoir when an alternative toilet was discovered

-a hike when some scouts took up smoking

-a winter camp where John was led very astray

-the day Bear Grylls ran over his 'phone

-the beavers' Nativity play when one boy stole the show

-why one team came last on Monopoly on the Run

-a family camp when a cub's parents disgraced themselves

-the resuscitation evening when Little Annie came into her own, despite being a dummy

-an Outdoor Challenge badge weekend when John went home with only one welly

-when the scouts made "non-alcoholic" cocktails with a secret ingredient

-the April Fool's Day activity badge that the scouts actually completed

-the day the scouts hiked along a sewer

-the day John nearly died whilst white water rafting with the devil

-the camp where a girl guide won the "best scout" award

-the day when a Swedish girl guide and John both had "heart attacks" after a Brown Owl's dinner was bombed

-a shopping trip to a reservoir

and much, much more


35 chapters of some of the funniest things that have ever happened in scouting.


If ever you have wondered what really goes on at scouts once the children have been dropped off at what many consider to be an unofficial baby-sitting service, when sitting is the last thing that scouts do, then this book is for you.


"IN YOU GO! A year or two in the life of a scout leader" is the first in a trilogy.

First Published: 2014

Reprinted (2nd Edition) with revisions: 1st July 2016