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Horace Horrise gets Lost

Published: 1st June 2017


Horace Horrise lives in Chislehurst, an affluent village in Kent where it’s difficult to get into any after-school club because every parent worth their weight will have signed their offspring up for everything, and scouts is no exception.


Unbeknown to Horace, someone has been pulling a few strings, and before too long he’s on his way to his first scout meeting. His mother is grateful that Horace offers to take himself up the road by himself and so she settles down with a magazine and glass of wine to welcome in the weekend.


However, Mrs Horrise is soon to regret putting her own needs above those of her younger son. For whilst she is relaxing at home with her husband, Horace is already “doing his best” before he even reaches the scout hut. In fact, he takes so long to arrive, having been called upon to assist a couple of needy groups, that when he does finally come within sight of the scout hut he sees something that fills him with fear and confusion. He has to get away as quickly as he can and so he does, but in running from the scene he makes a foreseeable situation much, much worse.


Soon a quiet Friday night in Chislehurst is awoken by a wail of sirens as the emergency services struggle to find Horace before it’s too late. Horace’s parents are beside themselves with worry, but who gets to Horace first?


Horace Horrise gets Lost is the second in a series of nine stories that make up The Adventures of Horace Horrise, the

21st century’s answer to Richmal Crompton’s Just William.

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